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IISP Research Conference
Workshops within the ęAnalysis of the Accessibility of Higher Education for Socially Disadvantaged GroupsĽ project
Other events

IISP Research Conferences

December 7-8, 2005, IISP Fourth Annual conference Social Policy: Challenges of the XXI Century was held See program, presentations and photos from the conference...

On February 25, 2005, IISP Third Annual conference Social Policy: Challenges of the XXI Century was held at the Central House of Journalists, Moscow
Program and presentations (in Russian)

June 29-30, 2004: International conference Accessibility of Higher Education: Challenges for Transition Countries was held in Moscow by the IISP, in partnership with the University Management: Practice and Analysis journal (Ekaterinburg, Russia), Center for Comparative and Global Studies in Education (University at Buffalo, USA), Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation.

February 25-26, 2004: IISP Second Annual conference Social Policy: Challenges of the XXI Century was held at the Central House of Journalists, Moscow (with financial support from the Ford Foundation).
Program of the conference (in English) and PowerPoint presentations (in Russian)

February 20-21, 2003: The First Annual IISP Research Conference attracted more than 150 participants.
Program of the conference
Photo Gallery

Other events

November 18, 2004: On December 7, 2004, at 5 p.m. the IISP will hold a seminar devoted to Social and Economic Consequences of Reforms for Russian Regions. A wide range of reforms (those already launched and at the draft stage) relevant for regional development are to be discussed: the municipal reporm, the monetarization of benefits, the possible consolidation of regions. Experts from the IISP, Center for Fiscal Policy, Institute of Urban Economy, Academy of National Economy and other research institutions dealing with socio-economic and budgetary-financial aspects of Russia's regional and municipal development would take part in the seminar.

February 16, 2004: On March 19, 2004, at 4 p.m. IISP would hold a seminar Informal Employment in Russia: Methodological Approaches and Empirical Evaluations". A presentation would be made by Oksana Sinyavskaya, Cand.Sc., IISP Deputy Director.

January 21, 2004: A workshop was held at the IISP to discuss the new program: Social Atlas of Russian Regions.

Experts in economic geography and regional economy participated in the workshop: A.Alekseev (Moscow State University), V.Baburin (Moscow State University), O. Vendina (Institute of Geography, RAS), O.Kuznetsova (Academy of National Economy), A.Makhrova (Moscow State University), A.Pilyasov (Council for Productive Fources Studies, RAS), L.Smirnyagin (Moscow State University / INDEM), A.Titkov (Moscow Carnegie Center), A.Treivish (Institute of Geography, RAS), V.Shuvalov (Moscow State University).

From IISP: N.Zubarevich, S.Safronov, T.Maleva, L.Ovtcharova, Ye.Lapteva.

December 22-24, 2003: a joint UN workshop on "Social Integration of Youth with Disabilities" was held in St.Petersburg by UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs and CIS Executive Committee. S.Vassin and O.Sinyavskaya, participants of the IISP project "Targeted Social Policy Towards People with Disabilities: Perspectives and Directions of the Reform", made a keynote presentation. On the basis of conclusions of the report recommendations were made to the governments of contracting CIS states.
See full text of the presentation.

October 7, 2003: Seminar on the Pension Reform was held by the Moscow Carnegie Center. Participants: Andrei Vorontsov (deputy head of the Department for State Domestic Debt, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation), Will Olsurn (General director of the non-state pension foundation ING), Oksana Sinyavskaya (IISP Deputy Director), Pavel Teplukhin (President of the private investment company Troyka-Dialog).
Presentation "Financial Competence of the Population and the Organization of the Pension Reform PR-Campagne" was made by O.Sinyavskaya.

September 17, 2003: Presentation of the book "Middle Classes: Social and Economic Strategies" (T.Maleva et al.) was held on Sept 17, 2003, at the Moscow Carnegie Center. Speakers: Tatyana Maleva, Vadim Radaev, Elena Avraamova, Yana Roschina, Sergey Surkov.
Photos from the seminar

Article about the project in Izvetia: Reconstruction of the Myth: Every Fifth Russian Belongs to the Middle Class / September 23, 2003.

August 21, 2003: IISP held a seminar An Evaluation of the Influence of the Reforms on the Household Sector. Russian Deputy Prime-Minister Galina Karelova took part in the seminar. Presentation The Influence of the Growth of Prices for Housing and Communal Services on the Household Sector was made by Lilia N. Ovtcharova, IISP Research Director

February 13, 2003: Discussion of the IISP research on the problems of the labor market for alternative civilian service (ACS). Participants included representatives of the state bodies responsible for the preparation of legal acts on the ACS implementation, State Duma deputies, and independent experts.
Project results (in Russian)

November 25, 2002: Discussion Pension Reform and Private Pension Funds in Poland: Any Lessons for Russia? Attended by young Russian scholars, graduate and postgraduate students.
PowerPoint presentation

November 4, 2002: Presentation of the book A Review of Employment in Russia: Volume 1 (1991-2000). Organized by the Moscow Carnegie Center, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Independent Institute for Social Policy, and Center for Market Labor Research of the State University - Higher School of Economics.

October 31, 2002: Presentation of the first issue in the IISP Working Papers series - Free Medical Care: Reality and Prospects

June 25, 2002: Round-table discussion What are the Impediments to Public Health Reforms in Russia? Organized by the World Bank, Association of for Studies in Public Economies, Independent Institute for Social Policy, Zdravkonsalt Foundation.

Workshops within the Analysis of the Accessibility of Higher Education for Socially Disadvantaged Groups project

October 23, 2003: A seminar was held to discuss the first results of the projects. Executive summary (in Russian) of the seminar materials has been submitted to the Center for Strategic Developments.

May 27, 2003: Economic Factors of Education (School - Higher Educational Institutions). Presentation by A. Kryshtanovsky (State University - Higher School of Economics)

January 23, 2003: Seminar of grantees of the Accessability of Higher Education program supported by the Ford Foundation

April 2, 2002: Higher Educational Institutions' Strategies and the Accessibility of Higher Education. Presentation by T. Klyachko (State University - Higher School of Economics)

March 19, 2002: State Nominal Financial Liabilities and the Accessibility of Higher Education. Presentation by T. Klyachko (State University - Higher School of Economics)

March 12, 2002: State Support for the Socially Disadvantaged Groups in Access to Higher Education. Presentation by T. Petrova (Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation)

February 12, 2002: Higher Education: Social Determinants of the Inequality in Access. Presentation by Ya. Roschina (State University - Higher School of Economics) (√”-¬ō›)

January 29, 2002: Analysis of the Accessibility of Higher Education of Russian Regional Youth. Presentation by E. Omelchenko (Research and Scientific Center 'Region')

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