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Independent Istitute for Social Policy


Independent Institute for Social Policy / Governing Bodies

The IISP governing structure includes the following bodies:

  • Board of Trustees
  • Academic (Expert) Council
  • Director
  • Deputy Director
IISP Board of Trustees

Chair: Evgeniy Gr. Yasin, Professor, Dr.Sc. (Economics), Academic Supervisor, State University - Higher School of Economics

ANE Representative:
Abel G. Aganbegyan
academician, Dr.Sc. (Economics)
Professor, Academy of National Economy under the RF Government
Alexandr A. Auzan,
Dr.Sc. (Economics)
Professor, Chair of Applied Institutional Economics of the Moscow State University Economic Faculty, President of the National Project Social Contract
Anders Åslund, Ph.D.Institute for International Economy (Washington DC, USA), Senior Fellow
Leokadia M. Drobizheva,
Dr.Sc. (History)
Professor, Head of the Interethnic Relations Research Center at the Instutute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences
VCIOM Representative:
Valery V. Fedorov
Cand.Sc. (Philosophy)
General Director, The Russian Center for Public Opinion and Market Research
Olga Yu. Golodets,
Cand.Sc. (Economics)
Deputy mayor on education and public health services
Mary McAuley, Ph.D. Representative, Ford Foundation Moscow Office, 1995-2002
Yevgeni F. Saburov,
Dr.Sc. (Economics)
Academic Advisor, Federal State Institution "The Federal Institute of Development of Education"
Tatyana I. Zaslavskaya,
Dr.Sc. (Economics)
Professor, Academy of National Economy under the RF Government

Academic (Expert) Council

The IISP Academic Board is an actively functioning collective governing body. Its tasks include: expertise of applications submitted to the grants competitions; considering and approving IISP research directions and the framework of the IISP publication activity; reviewing the grantee' collection of papers (forthcoming), etc. Academic Board members take an active part in all IISP events.

Chair: Lyudmila A. Khakhulina, Cand.Sc. (Economics) - VCIOM Deputy Director, Head of Social Studies Division, Leading Research Fellow

Mikhail E. Dmitriev, Dr.Sc. (Economics)President, Foundation "Center for Strategic Developments"
Vladimir Ye. Gimpelson, Cand.Sc. (Economics)Director, Center of Labor Market Studies of the State University - Higher School of Economics
Yevgeni Sh. Gontmakher, Dr.Sc. (Economics)Academic Supervisor, Center for Social Studies and Innovations
Leonid Ya. Kosals, Dr.Sc. (Economics)Leading Research Fellow, Institute for Socio-Economic Studies of Population of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Professor, Department of Economic Sociology at the State University - Higher School of Economics
Tatyana M. Maleva, Cand.Sc. (Economics), DBADirector of Megapolis humanitarian development institute (MHDI)
Andrei R. Markov, Cand.Sc. (Economics)Senior Advisor for Social Policy, World Bank Moscow Office
Alastair McAuley, Ph.D.Professor, University of Essex, UK
Lilia N. Ovcharova, Cand.Sc. (Economics)IISP Director, IISP Research Director
Judith Shapiro, Ph.D.Professor, London School of Economics
Sergei V. Shishkin, Dr.Sc. (Economics)IISP Research Director
Oxana V. Sinyavskaya, Cand.Sc. (Economics)IISP Deputy Director
Natalya V. Zubarevich, Dr.Sc. (Geography)IISP Regional Program Director


IISP Director

Lilia N. Ovcharova, Dr. Sc. (Economics)


IISP Deputy Director -

Oksana V. Sinyavskaya, Cand. Sc. (Economics)                      Elena V. Shepeleva

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